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Divorce Lawyer- Yoffy & Turbeville – Legislators are Poised to Streamline Process of Divorce

Our Virginia Legislators are poised to streamline the ease of obtaining a divorce where the defendant party is served with the divorce complaint and fails to file an answer or otherwise appear.  Both houses of the General Assembly have passed bills to make it a little easier and faster to obtain a divorce when this occurs. It looks likely that the final bill will pass and take effect in July 2012. We support these streamlining efforts. Here is the Senate version:

§ 20-99 para. 5: In cases where such suits have been commenced, the defendant has been served pursuant to the provisions of subdivision 3 or §20-99.2, and the defendant has failed to file an answer to the suit or otherwise appear within the time allowed by law, no further notice to take depositions is required to be served on the defendant and the court may enter any order or final decree without further notice to the defendant.