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Personal Injury – Defamation – Rape Charge Alleged – $5 Mil Lawsuit Filed

The Williamsburg Lawyers (TWL) along with Rich Rizk of Geddy, Harris, Franck and Hickman have filed a Five Million Dollar defamation and malicious prosecution lawsuit against a William and Mary student who claimed that she was raped by our client, another William and Mary student, after an evening of the two socializing at the College Deli and after she invited him to her apartment. A copy of the civil lawsuit is linked here.

With the criminal charges being handled by TWL and Rizk, the charges were ultimately withdrawn by the Commonwealth’s Attorney’s office after two months of our client enduring living hell. He steadfastly claimed his innocence, stated their sex was consensual, consistently told the same facts and passed a polygraph test administered by an eminent and well respected polygrapher in Virginia.

The William and Mary female, on the other hand, told multiple and diametrically opposed versions of the facts to her friends, police and others. Her initial statements to the police reported that our client first held her down, took her clothes off, took his clothes off, obtained a condom from his wallet, put the condom on and then forcibly raped her. Apparently our client is an octopus. She later recanted this version of her story and reported that she gave him the condom to put on and just seconds before he entered her she claims she said “no”. Yet in another version to a friend, she stated that “she kinda of said yes” but changed her mind while they were having sex. We believe that her story is unbelievable, that her story is baloney and that she has destroyed our client’s reputation through her actions. Trial of this matter will likely be in late 2013.