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Personal Injury – Importance of Finding Insurance Coverage In Automobile Accidents – Brain Injury Lawsuit Filed

Finding insurance coverage in major accident cases is of the upmost importance. Too often, we have serious injuries and not enough insurance coverage to adequately pay for the injuries caused and the damages done. It takes an experienced attorney and a “no stones unturned” attitude to find all of the coverage.

TWL has filed a Ten Million Dollar automobile accident lawsuit against an individual Defendant who failed to carry liability insurance. Our client was rear ended by the Defendant and pushed into oncoming traffic where he was then hit head on by another vehicle. He was rushed to the hospital where he suffered from substantial head and neck injuries. The cost of his recovery, the loss of his income and his quality of life will be substantially and forever altered. The Defendant’s lack of insurance poses significant problems for our client’s future and a search for all available insurance policies to obtain funds for his future is underway.

There are various possible insurance avenues but all require obtaining a number of different policies and scouring over the provisions to determine whether or not we will ultimately be able to recover sufficient funds for our client. Possible sources are (1) the Defendant’s father’s insurance policies because the defendant was living with him at the time, (2) the client’s own uninsured motor vehicle coverage, (3) the client’s employer’s uninsured motor vehicle policy provisions, (4) the employer’s umbrella policy, and (5) the uninsured motor vehicle and umbrella policy/provisions of the leasing company who leased the vehicle to our client’s employer. We are committed to turning over every insurance rock possible to help our client. It may be that we will come up empty handed, i.e. there is no available insurance which applies, but it will not be for the lack of trying. Our client deserves our unwavering efforts and we intend to honor him by being unwavering.

Of special note: This case is difficult and underscores the importance of EVERYBODY obtaining uninsured/underinsured (UM/UIM) insurance on their own automobile policy and an umbrella policy which specifically provides for excess UM/UIM coverage. Call your insurance agent today and make sure you get it….And make sure you have medical pay coverage as well.