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Criminal & Traffic

Criminal & Traffic

To have a fair trial in our adversarial system, you need an advocate completely devoted to your cause, one with the knowledge and experience to protect you from a sometimes overzealous and even aggressive government.  We’re your advocate.

Beyond a Reasonable Doubt

The government has a duty to prove every element of a crime or traffic infraction beyond a reasonable doubt, and you have the right to plead “not guilty” and demand the evidence even if you believe the government can meet that burden.  But what does “beyond a reasonable doubt” actually mean in the courtroom?  What are the available defenses?  Whom should you subpoena and how do you do it?  Should you choose a judge or jury?  Should you testify?  For these and your many other questions, we’ve got answers.

In the Courtroom

Once you’re in court, things move fast.  The Commonwealth’s Attorney or the complaining police officer could make a mistake, and you need someone on your side who knows what to look for, someone who can frame your best arguments so they make sense to the judge or the jury. With over 50 years of combined experience in criminal law, we know what works and what doesn’t, and we’re prepared to fight for your cause.  We will help you navigate an overly complicated process so that when you enter court, you can be confident of good results.


We defend all types of misdemeanors and felonies, including DUIs, DUI refusal, reckless driving, driving under suspension, petit larceny, grand larceny, drug charges such as possession or distribution, trespassing, assault, maiming, sexual crimes such as rape or aggravated sexual assault, robbery, murder, manslaughter, and breaking and entering.

If you’re facing any of these charges, or any other criminal charge, help ease your mind by talking to Yoffy & Turbeville, PLC.  We’ll start planning your defense as soon as you decide you want us to join your fight.


The consequences of a traffic infraction conviction can be severe, including demerit points against your license and increased insurance premiums.   Talk to us before you decide to prepay a ticket or to plead guilty.