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Student Legal Services

Student Legal Services

College is a grand time in many ways, but sometimes police officers don’t have the same sense of humor as college students, and sometimes they don’t have the same sense of a good time.  Do you think you should be facing a stint behind bars for a prank, or have to pay a hefty fine for walking home a tad too late and a tad too inebriated?  Right.  Neither do we.

Even convictions for crimes such as drinking in public, underage drinking, simple assault, and trespassing can cause irreparable harm to your future job search, and we’ll fight for you with that in mind.  We’ll also fight zealously to defend you against allegations of rape or sexual assault, or for any other criminal charge such as a DUI.  We have been defending students on such charges for several decades.  We are familiar with the Commonwealth Attorneys who will be bringing the case and the judges who will be hearing it; we know the arguments to get you the favorable result you deserve.

You need a lawyer who understands and appreciates your predicament.  You might be worried and even frightened about what will happen—at the very least, you have questions.  We’ll go through them with you one at a time.  Remember: We’ve been in college, too, and we have kids of our own.  We don’t want to see one night or one unfortunate incident cast a shadow on your future.  We don’t think it should.